Sunday, April 6, 2014

When I found fresh and sweet Alphonso Mangoes I wanted to make something new and interesting with them. I decided to try making a salsa with them. I looked up on the internet and found some recipes for Mango Salsa. I came up with my own combination of the ingredients and made this very tasty salsa. 

You can serve this salsa as a salad or as a dip for nachos and chips. I have made this salsa 4 times in less than 2 weeks. I finally found a chance to click pictures and decided to blog the preparation.

Here is the recipe..

Serves 2 as a salad

Mangoes - 2 (Ripe but firm)
Cucumber - 1
Red Bell Pepper - 1/2
Red Onion - 1/2
Coriander Leaves / Cilantro - 1 Tablespoon
Lemon Juice - 3 Tablespoons, use more or less
Salt to Taste
Pepper powder to taste

Method :
1. Wash, peel and pit the mangoes. Cut the mangoes into small cubes. Add it to a mixing bowl.
2. Wash, peel and cut the cucumber into 4 lengthwise. Then cut each piece into thin wedges. Add it to the same bowl.
3. Wash and Cut the red bell pepper into small pieces. Do not add the white part or the seeds. Add it to the same bowl.
4. Cut the red onion into thin slices then separate the segments. Add it to the same bowl.
5. Wash the coriander leaves or cilantro and chop them finely. Add it to the same bowl.
6. Mix well or toss to combine. Keep in the refrigerator till ready to serve.
7. About 15 minutes before serving add the lemon juice, salt and pepper and toss well to combine. 
8. You can also add the mango cubes 15 minutes before serving if you prefer to keep the mango cubes in shape. I prefer to add them in the beginning which makes them mushy and the juice from the mangoes and the lemon juice combine to give a distinct taste.

Enjoy Mango Salsa. 

Notes :
1. Use avocado either mashed or in pieces in addition to the other ingredients. 

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