Saturday, July 20, 2013

I knew only to eat till I was in class 11.
Mom cooked and I ate. Thats how it worked. I would simply tell her what I wanted to eat and she would make. It was that simple. Frankly speaking back then food choices were easy. It was mostly home cooked food. We would every now and then eat south indian vegetarian delicacies at Saravana Bhavan, Vasantha Bhavan or the several udupi or andhra messes. Biryani, kababs, naans and curries from yadgar or buhari restaurant as we strictly ate halal food and it was so hard to find in chennai back then. We used to eat puffs, cakes and samosas from the iyengar bakeries and freshly squeezed juices from juice stalls. Then there were wedding dawats and till day I don't understand how the biryanis in weddings taste so different. Oh and the lovely school canteen food. back then we didn't have so many fast food chains and pizzerias. I ate my first pizza at Cakes n Bakes in chennai. Then slowly all the big names started opening  doors in chennai, pizza corner, dominoes etc. I still remember the rides with my friend Anamika to Dominoes where we ate pizza like we were hungry for years. Fingers smacking tasty.
During my school summer holidays, i would sit on the kitchen slab and ask my mother what she was making. Then ask her to tell me what she added and how she cooked at every step. I wojld presebt it like a cookery show . lol. The first thing I ever did in the kitchen was marinating chicken. It was an instant hit. Somehow the combination of ingredients that went in created a magic. That first appreciation made me want to cook and learn to cook and that's where it all began.
When I was in the 2nd year of college my mother underwent a back surgery. Thats when I took cooking to the next level. I started chopping vegetables for the first time in life. I began appreciating my mother's cooking even more.
I took on full time cooking after I got married. I have been cooking and experimenting since then.
Ever since the move to Doha, Qatar the experimenting and trying out new recipes has exponentially increased. Whoever said necessity is the mother of invention was so right. The lack of good restaurants has made me aggressively cook and try new things to sastisfy the ever craving taste buds.
I've created tgis blog to share my cooking experiences abd recipes. Some are my own recipes,  some learnt from my mother. Some from my husband who loves to cook.  Some from friends who are amazing cooks. Some from recipes my friends liked on Facebook. Some from websites.
So let the recipes and blogging begin...


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